Prepbox's Sous Vide Chicken Breast: A healthy and hearty meal packed with amazing benefits

Prepbox's Sous Vide Chicken Breast: A healthy and hearty meal packed with amazing benefits

What are the health benefits of Sous Vide Chicken Breast?

The Health benefits of sous vide chicken breast include improved digestion and reduced risk of chronic diseases and is a highly beneficial protein source known for its lean quality, low-fat content, and rich essential nutrients like B vitamins and minerals. It is versatile and easy to prepare supports muscle health, aids in weight management, and contributes to overall well-being. Incorporating chicken breast into a balanced diet offers numerous health advantages, making it a popular choice for nutritious meals.


Health meets heartiness with PrepBox Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Cooked with care, our tender chicken breast is meticulously cooked using a sous vide cooking method at a low temperature of 80 degrees for 1 hour, ensuring optimal flavor and texture retention. Packed with amazing benefits, this wholesome meal option is a source of lean protein, essential for muscle growth and repair, while remaining low in fat to support your health goals.  enjoy our Sous Vide Chicken Breast with Truffle Brown. The chicken is pre-marinated, with herbs, garlic and light seasoning and paired with our Truffle Brown sauce. Pair it with the side of your choice and gain control over your meals! Versatile and delicious, it pairs perfectly with your favorite sides or salads for a satisfying and balanced meal that nourishes and energizes you. 

Also try our Creamy Herb Chicken Breast with Cassoulet Bean with Turkey Bacon , Broccoli, Carrots, Potato Mashed, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic Herb Cream Cheese Sauce and our Garlic & Thyme Sous Vide Chicken Breast with Barley Risotto and Turkey Ham, Steamed Broccoli, Mushroom, Truffle Jus available on rotation in our weekly menus. 


Fresh and Flexible

The meals are fresh every week and slow-cooked to retain nutrition and increase tenderness while keeping them flavorful. They are then chilled, never frozen, before being delivered right to your doorstep all in one go over the weekend. All one has to do is keep them chilled in the fridge, and heat it via microwave or steam anytime they want. They can be kept up to 7 days from the day of delivery, so you have the freedom to have it whenever you want during the week.


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