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Our delicious meals prepared with your needs in mind, pick and choose from our meals and leave the rest to us. Our meals are subscription free, so no obligations and cancellations. Just order what you want to consume!

Our meals are sealed for freshness and delivered to your doorstep once a week for your enjoyment (Meal prep does not have to be bland or boring!)

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4 easy steps to Prepbox

1. Choose from our upcoming menus and make your payment.
2. Your order will be delivered to you every sunday or Monday.
3. Keep your meals refrigerated at all times and pop them in the microwave or steam them when you're ready to consume them.
4. Bon Appetit!

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Not sure what meals to choose?
Prepbox offers three distinct types of meals.

Signature : A standard portion offering consisting of 30% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats.

Keto-friendly : A high protein and healthy fat portion for consumers on Keto-diets. Our Keto-friendly package is also suitable for diabetics.

Calorie-friendly : For those looking to control their calorie intake, may opt for this menu.

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