Best Healthy Food Delivery Service in Singapore

Best Healthy Food Delivery Service in Singapore

3 Reasons why PrepBox is the go to healthy food delivery platform in Singapore.

Leading a healthy lifestyle in Singapore takes a significant amount of effort and it is a challenge - let's be honest. With Singapore being a food haven with delicious food at every corner, it is difficult to find places where you can order healthy food. If you are looking for wholesome meals that help you lose weight without the hassle of cooking, PrepBox is dedicated to making it easier to be a step closer to your healthy eating goals! Managed by successful and long running restaurant group, Creative Eateries, PrepBox is Singapore's go to meal delivery platform for zero-guilt meals for everyone. 

Here are some reasons why PrepBox offers the best healthy meal plans suited for you.

1. PrepBox delivers a unique spread of healthy food straight to your doorstep for your convenience

PrepBox follows a simple ready to eat meal plan that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or office. Many platforms that offer meal plans in Singapore provides healthy meal delivery services through a subscription based model - restricting users from having the option of choosing the meals they get. PrepBox, on the other hand, follows a flexible and easy to order ordering format whereby users get to choose from a wide range of bento meals every week and have them delivered to you for your utmost convenience. 

Our efficient delivery service ensures that nutritious meals are delivered right to your doorstep at your selected delivery times at the start of the week. You can enjoy nutritious meals without the trouble of searching for wholesome food every day - which can sometimes get mundane or frustrating. Not only does this help you achieve your weight loss goal, 

2. PrepBox's healthy meals are prepared based on your desired health needs

A large portion of eating healthy derives from the nutritional value of the meal. However, understanding the nutritional value of each ingredient is a challenge to do on your own. This is where PrepBox comes in! Our chefs ensures that the meals delivered to your doorstep are nutritious and healthy. Each meal is carefully planned by our chefs who will calculate and breakdown the amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for each meal. The calorie count of each meal is revealed as well. 

If you are not into counting calories and would just like a healthier diet, our meal plans are curated to being suitable for 3 types of nutritional needs: Signature, Calorie-Friendly, and Keto-Friendly. 


Our Signature healthy meals offer a standard portion offering consisting of 30% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats. These meals are suitable for helping you control your diet to achieve your fitness goals or lead a healthier lifestyle. 


Our Calorie-Friendly healthy meals are suitable for those looking to control their calorie intake. The low-calorie meals are planned to offer a low carb and lesser fat portion - helping you stay on track for your diet plan and inching you towards a healthier lifestyle. 


This choice offers a high protein and healthy fat portion for consumers on Keto-diets. This menu is curated for diabetics as well.  

3. PrepBox makes healthy food delivery exciting with a refreshed menu each week.

Meal prep can sometimes get boring and mundane, especially with limited wholesome food choices - which makes it hard to get tasty and healthy food. Many nourishing food delivery services in Singapore work on a subscription basis that restricts you from having meal options. PrepBox simplifies and makes meal prep exciting by offering chef-curated menus that change weekly. Each week, choose from a wide range of healthy and delicious food delivered to you without the hassle! 

Our talented chefs cook up a new and exciting menu of 10 delicious meals to choose from each week. Our wide variety of healthy food includes dishes like Herb Crusted Norwegian Salmon, Sous Vide French Duck Confit, Baked Atlantic Cod Fish with Olive Tapenade, and more! The flexibility of our menus allows you to enjoy the convenience of healthy meals without compromising the taste factor. 

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